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Organizing and setting the stage to achieve modernization.


Delivering actionable results and usable documents to bring your strategy to life.

Adoption & Acceptance

Increasing adoption and acceptance by involving stakeholders early in the process.

Extension & Support

Focusing on continuous modernization to take your investment to the next level.

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Global IT Managed Service Provider

Implements ITAM program to track, measure and manage the financial, physical, licensing, and contractual aspects of IT assets

The Objective

In today’s times it is not uncommon for IT services companies to be recipients of big returns and at risk for big losses, based on the management of its hardware and software assets. The key is: visibility into IT assets, mature processes, quality data and a team of people with the proper skill set. A global company that offers IT availability services and IT Managed Services to its customers needed to take a proactive approach to managing its IT assets. The reality is that in order for this company to offer such services, the company needed to establish: central controls, financial clarity into annual software spend totals, and cost reporting capabilities. In response, the company teamed up with Linium to complete the following objectives: 

- Reduce software spend by 10% within the first year
- Consolidate reporting from multiple entities into one
- Reduce audit exposure by 50% within the first year

The Strategy

The ITAM program goals were well-established from the start - manage the financial, physical, licensing, and contractual components of IT assets. To accomplish these goals, Linium’s strategy focused on a holistic approach to ensure that people, processes, platform and data are aligned within the company. Journeys to ITAM modernization are not “once and done.” Best practices include an iterative approach to help this company progress through the various levels of ITAM Maturity Model. Through a thorough assessment, Linium recommended a four-phased project in order to accomplish our client’s goals:

- Phase 1: Define requirements and process guidelines
- Phase 2: Implementation of Software Asset Management
- Phase 3: Set up ServiceNow ITAM, governance, and training
- Phase 4: Optimize solution (people, process, platform)

The Results & What's to Come

People: Form an ITAM program office, define and publish roles and responsibilities, communication plan,  and implement an awareness and adoption strategy

Process: Define and publish standard ITAM policies and operating procedures, instill ability to track metrics to measure adoption and performance, improve automation, obtain executive support for ITAM policies and procedures

Platform: Integrate with existing Oracle Procurement and Oracle iProcurement, consolidate ITAM and Service Management processes all into ServiceNow, integrate with SAM solution, drive centralized ITAM reporting from ServiceNow, integrate ServiceNow with an existing CMDB, automated asset request management workflow and product catalog within ServiceNow

Better, Faster, Smarter

We focus on the “how” – how we deliver services and how we approach the journey to modernization. Most importantly, we listen and start with the “why” to ensure we understand your business objectives and achieve your desired outcomes. Our promise to you is to deliver the most comprehensive solutions encompassing people, process, and platforms to change the way your people work tomorrow, today. The result – work Better, Faster, Smarter.

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