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Strategy & Roadmapping

Organizing and setting the stage to achieve modernization.


Delivering actionable results and usable documents to bring your strategy to life.

Adoption & Acceptance

Increasing adoption and acceptance by involving stakeholders early in the process.

Extension & Support

Focusing on continuous modernization to take your investment to the next level.

an approach like no other

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Art of the Posssible: Bring Services to Users Anytime, Anywhere Understand Your Spend: Push Your Dollar Farther by Leveraging Business  Management in ServiceNow
Embracing New Paradigms for Innovation in Enterprise Service Management Modernize Your HR Department: From Operational to Strategic


Automated Application and Infrastructure Service Continuity Readiness Testing

Organizations face many risks every day, such as data breaches, network failures, and natural disasters. Being prepared to effectively manage risk and respond to system disruptions is essential to ensuring businesses can continue to function in these situations. Learn how to leverage ServiceNow’s Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC), Workflow, Knowledge and Orchestration capabilities to enable automated interaction with technology and prompted interactions with IT staff.


What is Software Asset Management?

Software asset management is a process that relates to every single company across the U.S., no matter its employee size or revenue. Very often, SAM is practiced within a small silo of an organization and not by the same means across the board. To help your organization take the steps required not only to combat audits from software companies, but also to discourage these companies from initializing audits into the future, we created our complimentary e-book, "An Introduction to Software Asset Management."


Overcoming Challenges and Encouraging Innovation with Enterprise Service Management

Following our previous e-book, Embracing New Paradigms for Innovation in Enterprise Service Management, it's time to take a look at how you can begin to implement Enterprise Service Management in practice. This is the purpose of our follow-up e-book. Using IT as a case study, we demonstrate how one department can play a bigger role in contributing to strategic business initiatives through Enterprise Service Management.

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Is It Time to Leverage a Cloud-Based Enterprise Service Management Platform?

Whether you're well-versed in using an on-premises ITSM application or you're just starting to consider a solution, now is the time to take a serious look at what cloud-based solutions can do for your enterprise. In this complimentary e-book, we build the case for cloud-based Enterprise Service Management, focusing on how it serves as an enabling crossroads for people, processes and technology. 

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Embracing New Paradigms for Innovation in Enterprise Service Management

The practice of enterprise service management is one of balancing operations with innovation to help your users operate better, faster and cheaper. Through this E-book you will learn there are certain mindsets you have to accept before you even begin implementing a plan to boost opportunities for innovation.

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The Art of the Possible: Bring Services to Your Users Anytime, Anywhere

There are tremendous benefits to building an IT service portal. This white paper will provide key steps and considerations to creating a successful, dynamic and intuitive service portal that brings business services to your users anytime, anywhwere with ServiceNow.

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ServiceWatch Makes ServiceNow Service-Aware

This eBook looks at the challenges of creating true end-to-end service visibility and explains how you can overcome these challenges by integrating ServiceNow ServiceWatch with your ServiceNow CMDB.

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