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Organizing and setting the stage to achieve modernization.


Delivering actionable results and usable documents to bring your strategy to life.

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Increasing adoption and acceptance by involving stakeholders early in the process.

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Focusing on continuous modernization to take your investment to the next level.

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ServiceNow Software Asset Management

Are you tired of wasting money on unused software licenses or worrying about vendor audits every year? Learn  how ServiceNow Software Asset Management  can help you organize all software licenses, avoid penalties and eliminate unnecessary spending.  Find out how through reconciliation, automation and normalization. 

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Take Your Software Asset Management Program to a Whole New Level in ServiceNow

Discover how to take your Software Asset Management (SAM) program to a whole new level in ServiceNow. In this webinar, we'll show you how counters work, counter reconciliation, using downgrade rights, and software title normalization.

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Master Asset Tracking in ServiceNow

Asset tracking forms the heart of the asset process in ServiceNow - it's about understanding where the asset is, who has the asset, the current status, and how we know if the data is valid.  In this webinarwe'll review how to master asset tracking in ServiceNow.

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Know Your Assets Inside Out: Leverage ServiceNow Asset Management

Organizations should know their assets inside out - what they have, where they are, usage entitlements, who uses them, how they are used, how they are configured,  and what they cost. The reality is that many organizations cannot fully answer these questions. View this webinar to learn how to leverage ServiceNow Asset Management to take control of your assets.

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What is Software Asset Management?

Software asset management is a process that relates to every single company across the U.S., no matter its employee size or revenue. Very often, SAM is practiced within a small silo of an organization and not by the same means across the board. To help your organization take the steps required not only to combat audits from software companies, but also to discourage these companies from initializing audits into the future, we created our complimentary e-book, "An Introduction to Software Asset Management."


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