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Posted by Rachel Slater on January 19, 2016

Linium Selected as a Finalist for Innovation of the Year Award


We’re excited to kick off 2016 in style! We’re pleased to announce that our Art of the Possible solution has been selected as one of the finalists for the Pink Elephant 2015 Innovation of the Year Award.  

What is the Art of the Possible?

The reality is that there’s an expectation in today’s workforce that services and knowledge be at our fingertips just like they are outside of work. You don’t want to have to search in multiple places to figure out how to reset a password or order more business cards. You crave information you need to do your job in one place and want to be empowered to find information on your own. The question is how to do this in the most efficient, intuitive, all-encompassing way that leverages one platform. In response, we’ve taken native out-of-the-box functionality of ServiceNow and given it a whole new look and feel. We’ve taken what is traditionally the IT Service Catalog and infused it with our cutting-edge designs and decades of best practices to provide our customers with a central enterprise service portal that provides not only the ‘Amazon look,’ but the experience that the look and feel enables for the end-users. The result is a modern experience for today’s users available anytime, anywhere, and on any device for any department. We call this the Art of the Possible.

All of our enterprise service portals are:

  • Scalable: Organizations typically start with a service portal in IT. We then show you how to onboard new departments or business units one-at-a-time without any rework.
  • User-centric: We know from experience that the true success of a service portal is not that it exists, but by how it is used. To set our customers up for success, we review all buyer/service personas and map their journey throughout the portal to guarantee an experience that goes beyond expectations.
  • Responsive: It’s a given that technology needs to work on any device, anytime, anywhere. Our enterprise portals are all built taking this concept into account.

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This post was written by Rachel Slater