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Posted by Sarah Noonan on December 16, 2019

Linium Ranked #1 in Voice of the Customer in the HFS Top 10 ServiceNow Services Report 2019

Top 10 ServiceNowLinium, a Ness Digital Engineering Company and Elite ServiceNow partner, has been recognized by HFS Research as a high performer in the latest HFS Top 10 ServiceNow Services Report, released November 6, 2019. Linium was ranked #1 for voice of the customer, #5 in account management, #7 in vision for investments, and #8 overall out of 14 partners, earning it a position as a high performer for the third time in tandem with the largest of ServiceNow partners.

According to Ollie O'Donoghue, Vice President, Research "Linium's clients rated the firm highly across customer satisfaction metrics, highlighting the firm's leading account management practices and robust development and investment roadmap. Ness Digital Engineering is further fueling Linium's vision for the future of ServiceNow services, as it leverages fresh talent, assets and capability to get to the core of client demands."

The 2019 HFS Top 10 ServiceNow Services report examines how service providers are evolving their offerings and capabilities in the highly competitive ServiceNow Services market. The report investigates how providers are differentiating themselves in terms of execution and innovation capabilities in key dimensions, including reach, breadth, scale, investment roadmap, and the all-important Voice of the Customer measurement. According to HFS Research, this Top 10 is part of one of its most ambitious research agendas to date – tracking the movement of enterprises towards the hyperconnected economy.

Linium was recognized for its enhanced capabilities since joining forces with Ness Digital Engineering. The combined services have led to an expansion in areas such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, further helping customers derive more value from their ServiceNow platform investment. HFS Research noted key strengths backed by an array of leading service offerings, including an on-demand offering that allows customers to work with experts and test ideas and proofs of concept, and a proven track record in key verticals to help customers remain on the forefront of innovation.                                                                                                     

“We strive to help customers tackle their biggest challenges by leveraging our deep ServiceNow expertise and business process knowledge,” said Joe Burke, president, North America at Ness. “As one of the largest independent ServiceNow practices, Linium’s combined capabilities with Ness have enabled us to extend our team and offer enhanced end-to-end digital solutions across an expanded delivery network. We are honored to be ranked among the top ServiceNow providers and believe it stands as testimony of our dedication to helping our customers become leaders in their industries.”

The report is based on data collected across Q3 and Q4 2019 through RFIs from the ranked companies, customer briefings and interviews, and publicly available information sources. It focuses on how providers are enabling their customers to derive more value from their ServiceNow platform, measured through three equally-weighted components: voice of the buyer, which includes candid feedback and survey responses from customers; ability to execute, which includes account and service management capabilities as well as footprint, scale and availability of verticalized solutions; and innovation capability, which includes consulting and thought leadership, vision for investments, and innovation, automation, and integration capabilities.

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About Linium, a Ness Digital Engineering Company

Linium, a Ness Digital Engineering Company, has been recognized by ServiceNow as the 2019 ServiceNow Americas IT Workflow Partner of the Year. With over 3,500 successful enterprise transformations since its inception in 2000, Linium enables modern workforce experiences and empowers organizations to make better decisions faster. Leveraging the powerful combination of two recognized leaders – Linium and Ness Digital Engineering – we converge 4,000+ strategic thinkers, technologists, and user experience experts from around the globe to drive new synergies in digital transformation, from front‑end digital platforms, to back‑end enterprise systems, to the essential integrations in between. For more information, visit

About Ness Digital Engineering

Ness Digital Engineering designs, builds, and integrates digital platforms and enterprise software that help organizations engage customers, differentiate their brands, and drive profitable growth. Our customer experience designers, software engineers, data experts, and business consultants partner with clients to develop roadmaps that identify ongoing opportunities to increase the value of their digital solutions and enterprise systems. Through agile development of minimum viable products (MVPs), our clients can test new ideas in the market and continually adapt to changing business conditions—giving our clients the leverage to lead market disruption in their industries and compete more effectively to grow their business. For more information, visit

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This post was written by Sarah Noonan