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Posted by Sarah Noonan on October 10, 2017

Linium Establishes Practice to Deliver Consulting Expertise and Robust Technology to Optimize Human Capital Management


Linium, a world-class provider of business services that empower the entire enterprise, today announced the establishment of a new strategic practice that combines unparalleled consulting expertise with innovative technology solutions to modernize human capital management and optimize business performance.

Linium’s Human Capital Management practice focuses on designing and building transformative, modern workplaces that empower people to make better decisions faster. Leveraging robust enterprise cloud platforms, such as ServiceNow, Linium addresses the workplace needs of employees – from onboarding to day-to-day requests – while freeing up HR professionals to work more productively, cost effectively, and strategically. What sets the practice apart is the convergence of exceptional technologists and HR practitioners, which enables companies to align technology with business solutions to proactively address critical HR issues including performance management, career and leadership development, succession planning, employee motivation, and organizational change management.

“We are delighted to further build Linium’s portfolio of innovative enterprise solutions that enhance business performance and drive profitability,” said Joe Burke, Chief Executive Officer of Linium. “In offering industry-leading capabilities to improve human capital management, we are well-positioned to assist companies in boosting employee productivity and satisfaction, which are critical for success.”

Recognizing the increasingly complex and dynamic role of HR drove the decision to formalize the practice, which is headed by Angie Masini, who serves as Executive Director, Strategic Human Capital Management. She joined Linium in 2013 and brings more than 20 years experience in strategic and operational approaches to drive high performance in all aspects of people, process and technology solutions.

“Linium is enabling companies to invest in their workforce by leveraging a strategic consulting practice that focuses on aligning business solutions for human capital management with technology automation,” said Masini. “Rather than technologists trying to learn HR, our industry experts are combining deep expertise with an intuitive and powerful technology platform to give businesses a competitive edge. From capturing HR requests in a structured manner to enabling performance management, we deliver solutions that continually make employees more efficient and effective.”

Linium has already completed several successful engagements with global clients in the financial management, pharmaceutical, retail and hospitality industries. In one case, Linium assisted a leading financial services firm in delivering a modern HR call center by creating call tracking capability, improved operational efficiencies, and metrics to be utilized for improvement planning. In another, Linium developed a central portal for an international not-for-profit health system to provide a single destination for all HR-related requests and for associates to engage with HR professionals.

Linium has been named to the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies for the past six consecutive years. With its premier solutions-based consulting driving more than 2,700 successful engagements, Linium’s core focus areas include enterprise service management, IT operations management, human capital management, corporate performance finance management innovation services, custom application development, business management, and business intelligence and analytics.

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Linium is a globally recognized consulting firm with 17 years of experience specializing in delivering competitively-essential outcomes and profound value by strategically innovating your business and improving every experience your customers, employees and markets have with your organization.   From optimizing business service delivery to mitigating compliance risk; gaining financial visibility to resolving security threats; building custom applications to managing operations, we will modernize your business - enhancing collaboration, eliminating manual tasks, streamlining communication, enabling more meaningful relationships and empowering you to make better decisions faster. For more information, visit

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This post was written by Sarah Noonan