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Posted by Rachel Slater on July 24, 2014

Press Release: Linium Ready to Support ServiceNow and ServiceWatch Solutions

New York, NY, July 24, 2014 – Linium announced today its readiness to support both ServiceNow and ServiceWatch solutions after the recent news of ServiceNow’s acquisition of Neebula, the service availability management vendor.  Neebula’s unique product, ServiceWatch, will become an integral part of the ServiceNow IT Operations Management portfolio.

As a partner of Neebula and a ServiceNow Preferred Solutions Partner, Linium is a firm believer in the technology that ServiceWatch will bring to ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management capabilities.  Designed to automate the discovery, mapping, and monitoring of IT-enabled enterprise services, the ServiceWatch product brings an innovative approach to IT-enabled Enterprise Services.  In Linium’s experience, ServiceWatch has allowed its customers to discover, map, and monitor dependencies with up to 80% less effort than traditional technologies.  More importantly, the ServiceWatch product reduces the ongoing maintenance to keep the dependency mapping accurate. 

“We believe that combining Neebula’s ServiceWatch technology with ServiceNow’s already comprehensive ServiceNow discovery product will create the most complete, powerful and easy to manage infrastructure Discovery solution in the market,” said Steven Horvath, CTO/Practice Lead, Linium. “This acquisition is a true game-changer for all discovery customers.  With a full complement of cross-trained ServiceNow and ServiceWatch engineers ready to support projects, Linium is uniquely positioned to implement the new full capability of ServiceNow Discovery technologies.”

For more information on Neebula’s ServiceWatch technology and how you can learn to optimize your approach to mapping business services, view Linium and Neebula’s on-demand webcast here:

Topics: IT Service Management, ServiceNow, ServiceWatch, Neebula, Service Mapping, ITSM, IT Operations Management

This post was written by Rachel Slater