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Posted by Rachel Slater on February 21, 2019

Innovation Insights of 2019: Making It Easy To Get The Services You Need

Innovation insights of 2019

Would you rather empower your employees to interact and consume services within your business in a modern way or cause unnecessary frustration by forcing them to use legacy platforms that simply cannot keep pace with today’s digital environment? The answer seems pretty obvious, but organizations struggle with making a modern workplace a reality. To remain competitive, you need to improve the experience and delivery of employee services to drive productivity and satisfaction. Enablement of your employees has a direct impact on how efficiently they develop products, deliver services, and interact with your customers. A happy employee means a happy customer.  

Today's digital world is transforming how we live our day-to-day lives and setting high expectations in the workplace when it comes to service experiences. How do you keep up with this pace and be aware of what the future holds? Check out our innovation team's insights of 2019 that will change how your employees interact and get the services they need to do their jobs more efficiently.  

Centralize Services

As organizations continue down this path of modernization in the workplace, it will become standard for services to be co-mingled and designed in a common experience to increase adoption. Users will demand that all services be in one centralized place - no more portal jumping or window swapping. Service Management will have to continue to push boundaries to remove silos and islands of redundant and dated applications and platforms. 

Three Steps or Less

Not only is centralizing services important for adoption, but all interactions within applications needs to happen in three steps or less. This will drastically increase the speed of service delivery - swiping, tapping, scrolling, voice command, and auto population of information. Make it as easy as 1, 2, 3 for your users. 

The New Knowledge

Knowledge will evolve into a global/universal language through interactive forms of content such as infographics, video, and simulation. Eventually, service design will be so amazing that users will be guided through an experience to acquire the service or product. People will no longer ask how,  but rather, they will  just do

Navigation and Search

Similar to creating experiences that are three steps or less, navigation will be simplified tremendously. Expect to see search and voice as the primary choice of users to find information, acquire services or buy products. Search trends will focus on less is more and require shorter and to the point text. Chatbots will replace typical searching and help decrease unnecessary interruptions when it comes to answering common questions. 

Immediate Fulfillment and Smart Automation 

The traditional process of making a request, submitting a ticket, reporting an incident, checking a status, or Knowledge request will be re-engineered to create seamless and immediate fulfillment through smart automation for immediate gratification. 

Standardize the Lingo

With processes evolving, so will the lingo - it will become modernized and natural to the users. Goodbye to the days of IT terminology and hello every day user language. Request will become shop, fulfillment will become orders, knowledge and incident will simply become support.

Go Beyond Mobile

While mobile is becoming one of the most popular mediums for users, services and experiences must go beyond mobile. Users will demand and be delighted by omni-channel experiences, services and different ways of consuming services. 

What's Next?

2019 is here and it is time to make life easier in the workplace. Empower your employees to work more strategically by establishing the foundation for them to request basic services to do their jobs. Whether it is ordering software, requesting a meeting space, updating benefits, or any other requests - give them a modern experience from start to finish. This will result not only in happier employees, but more productive employees.

To learn more on this topic, view our featured webinar and hear how you can create modern experiences with ServiceNow that are simple, easy, and intuitive.

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This post was written by Rachel Slater