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Posted by Sean Caron on June 28, 2018

Don't Skimp on the User Experience


Have you ever met someone that can look at their taxes and know exactly what to do and how to do it? For me, that's my uncle - he is a tax wiz. He can understand the terminology, knows the exact form to use and the steps he needs to take to get the refund he deserves. Keep in mind, he is a police officer - no accounting experience. I would consider him a tax unicorn - the common person will look at their taxes and immediately become frustrated. It makes me wonder, are taxes the only thing that cause this kind of frustration in our lives or do we see this in other situations?

Black Pit of Frustration

Have you ever been brave enough and tried to do your own taxes? Attempting to do your own taxes might be the definition of frustration - it just seems easier to hand them off to a professional. For those that do try, tend to fall down the black pit of frustration. You might be thinking, what's the definition of the black pit of frustration? 

  • You have a task that has a fast approaching deadline
  • It's important - you can’t ignore it or not do it
  • There is a process to complete the task  but that process is not clear
  • The materials provided aren't helpful because they seem to be written in a foreign language
  • You are asked to provide information you do not have or you do have the information because you don't understand the question. 

The world of taxes is a black pit of frustration.

Stop Falling in the Pit

However, the painful truth is we do the exact same thing when we design for the delivery of employee and customer services . I have worked with customers who have a Service Catalog and Service Portal interface designed for the business by IT. With legacy interfaces, it can be challenging to recruit people because they don' t have the skills necessary to use the systems. Even the more modernized interfaces can be frustrating  if not engineered correctly because it was not designed with the end users' experiences in mind. Users fall down the black pit of frustration when engaging with these interfaces – for all the same reasons reasons that taxes pull people down too. If you don't want to do your own taxes because of how frustrating they are, then why design an interface that causes the same kind of frustration.

Do you want to keep your users out of the black pit? Linium can help! In my latest webinar, I gave a brief overview of how we relieve user’s frustration. We design user experiences that are modern, intuitive, easy to use, and get the job done - we’ve engineered the approach to the art of design.

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This post was written by Sean Caron