FastTrack Solution Accelerators
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FastTracks - Accelerated Solutions Including People, Process + Technology

Transformation requires building a new portfolio of skills within the organization to facilitate new markets and businesses as well as implementing new approaches to creating and sustaining competitive processes and cementing change with new management processes and a commitment to continual improvement.

Linium FastTrack solutions provide fully-defined policies, process roles and responsibilities, as well as technical implementation for a range of ITSM products based on Linium best practices and ITIL standards.  Our FastTrack solutions offer a rapid deployment approach, an agile, flexible environment with minimal implementation effort supported by a set of repeatable steps proven to transform any IT activity into an IT Service.  

Features include:

  • Linium’s Proven Delivery Model
  • Industry Best Practice Guidance
  • Alignment of Strategic Process with Vendor Products
  • Best Practice Implementations Built from Years of Customer Experience
  • Organizational Awareness and Readiness to Improve User Adoption
  • Shortened Time to Deploy
  • Reduced Cost Solution

Our Offering

Comprehensive FastTrack consulting includes a complete lifecycle that encompasses Strategy, Technology, and Governance. Activities include current state and future state assessment, gap analysis, strategic process design, process implementation, and organizational readiness.

Linium currently has FastTrack packages for the following ITIL process areas:

  • Service and Incident Management - Manage day-to-day operations efficiently by supporting current, proven ITIL models and processes: 
    • New mechanisms of support available including self-service and multi-level support models 
    • Company Branded Employee Self Service web portal 
    • Proven Service and Incident Management Design and Implementation 
    • Standard reports and KPIs for financial management & CSI
  • Problem ManagementProactively monitor and manage consistent issues and known errors in order to prevent system outages and improve end user satisfaction. 
    • ITIL aligned Problem Management Process 
    • Integrates with Service and Incident Management 
    • Captures Known Errors for potential correction and employee education 
    • Reduces System Outages and Critical Incidents by shifting from a Reactive Service Model to a Proactive Service Model
  • Change Management - Ensure your service design and implementation delivers the intended strategy and can be operated and maintained effectively with ITIL process standards: 
    • Execute changes needed for delivered services 
    • Manage organizational change components 
    • Facilitate Change through ITIL aligned Standard, Emergency, and Normal Change Workflows 
    • Forward Schedule of Change Calendar

What's Included

Each FastTrack includes:

  • Policy Document
  • Process Description Document
  • Roles and Responsibilities Document
  • Business Requirements Document
  • Technical Design Document
  • Test Summary and Matrix
  • Final Code Package Deployed in your environment
  • Audit log of all code changes
  • System Administration Guide
  • Reporting Package including KPI evaluation 

We Are Ready to Show You How

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