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ITAM Customer Results 
Eliminate Extensive Manual Efforts Required for Tracking IT Assets with a Robust and Expansive IT Asset Management Solution

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ITAM Customer Results
Enhance your Technology Offering Boost your Bottom Line in a Highly Competitive Market

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ITAM Customer Results 
Large Transportation Fuels Refiner Solves Software License Dilemma with ITAM

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ITAM Customer Results
Leading Asset Management and Securities Services Company Gains License Compliancy through ITAM

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ITAM Customer Results 
Develop a Plan to Eliminate Extensive Manual Efforts Required for Tracking IT Assets with a Comprehensive IT Asset Management Assessment

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Strategic IT Asset Management What It Is, Why You Need It, and How You Can Benefit

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Manage IT and Software Assets

More and more of your money is spent on increasingly complex IT infrastructures with an expanding array of wide/local area networks and business systems.  Global business operations mean IT assets are often purchased, implemented, and maintained by different departments in remote and disparate locations. Combine this with constantly changing and evolving IT infrastructure to make for a very difficult task of tracking IT assets and their current status. 

IT Assets

As a result, performance problems, lack of enterprise integration, poor asset utilization, and inflated costs are day-to-day realities. Linium's asset management solutions track, control and manage assets by automating best practices across the IT asset lifecycle, integrating IT processes and implementing analytics to optimize the value of IT assets and services.

Do you need:

    • IT assets tracking for workstations, servers, laptops, and other components you own and maintain?
    • The ability to accurately monitor your purchases?
    • To analyze system usage?
    • Effective adherence to licensing terms and other agreements?
    • Accurate total cost of ownership measurement, related expenses, depreciation, and return on investment? 

With ITAM companies can achieve complete visibility into their technology, gaining an in-depth understanding of what systems and equipment exist, where components reside, how they are used, what they cost, and how they affect core business tasks and activities.

We Can Help You
Linium can arm your organization with this information, to improve infrastructure efficiency and performance, and minimize related overhead expenses.

To learn more about Linium's unique service offerings and how we can help your business Transform-2-Perform, fill out the quick form on the right to schedule a Complimentary Consultation and Discovery Workshop.

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