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Enterprise Service Management: Taking the IT out of ITSM and Bringing Back Innovation


Learn how Linium can help your organization truly integrate IT with the entire enterprise and build a pipeline for innovation.

This white paper will demonstrate what's possible through the integration of IT and the business and provide some insight into how to build this relationship, as well as how an effective Enterprise Service Management implementation can support this endeavor.

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Running IT as a Business Part 4: Knowledge Management in the World of YouTube and Google


Learn how Linium can help you develop the metrics that enable your organization to continually improve on the knowledge it offers, and as a result, drive down the costs of IT.

This fourth installment of Running IT as a Business continues the self-service discussion and looks at several aspects of Knowledge Management, including the "social effect" on knowledge availability.  By building on social knowledge and traditional Knowledge Management practices, organizations can deliver information to their associates much more rapidly, while reducing the overall supporting costs and increasing revenue.  This white paper will provide a modern approach to Knowledge Management, looking at all of the potential tools available.

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What's In Your Service Catalog - ServiceNow Edition Part 2


Learn how Linium can help your organization maximize results from your Service Catalog implementation by defining business services and the associated service offerings, agreements and pricing.

This white paper will discuss how ServiceNow's Service Catalog can be utilized by IT to operate like a business, using the Business Service Catalog and concepts from ITIL to design and manage service offerings.  It will also discuss how to configure service offerings and their associated Service Level Agreements (SLAs) within the product.  

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Part 1: What's In Your Service Catalog - ServiceNow Edition


Learn how Linium can help your organization define services and design the service catalog to give you maximum results from your implementation.  

This white paper will discuss the Service Catalog and how recent upgrades to the ServiceNow tool brings a valuable Business Service Catalog module to the suite of IT Service Management (ITSM) services supported by the product.  

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IT Governance is Not a Four-Letter Word

Learn how Linium can help your organization exploit its use of IT as a strategic asset and differentiate itself within the market place with IT Governance. 

This white paper will discuss how IT Governance has become crucial as IT continues to play an ever-increasing role within the business.  Find out the benefits of an effective IT Governance program that will ensure your organization is spending the right amount of effort and making the right investments in IT to meet your business objectives.

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Why ITSM Fails

Avoid a failed IT Service Management (ITSM) initiative with Linium's ITSM Implementation Solutions.

ITSM doesn't need to mean failure.  This white paper will discuss how to avoid the common pitfuals of a failed ITSM implementation by developing a sound business case, conducting a marketing and awareness program, driving commitment, and investing in training.

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Integrated Business Planning


Learn how Linium can help implement an effective Integrated Business Plan within your organization, avoiding the common pitfalls.  This white paper will discuss why Integrated Business Planning is so important to an organizations financial planning process.  It will detail how this decision-making process includes all business functions to support the financial plan, and how to define what is important to create the most accurate plan with key information and data.

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Variance-Based Planning

Learn how Linium can help your organization get a better grip on company performance with Variance-Based Planning.  This white paper will discuss the key steps in understanding variances and how to avoid the common pitfalls of variance analysis.  Get a better understanding of Variance-Based Planning, and how it focuses on defining metrics and key variance reports to manage your organizations forecast and budget, rather than focusing on all areas of the business.

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Running IT as a Business Part 3: The Internet Shopping Experience at Work


The ten-part white paper series, looks at the Service Desk and how organizational optimization combined with solid Service Management processes and the right tools will assist in providing service excellence at a lower cost.

This third part of the series addresses the use of automation and self-service as both a means of improving the customer experience as well as for enabling IT to operate more cost effectively in addition to the importance of the Service Request Catalog and automated Request Fulfillment in achieving the vision of creating an internal IT organization that runs with the financial conscience of a business. This automation is critical to fully optimizing Service Desk operation. 

The paper examines a recent case where automation savings at a retail organization reached $1.8 million in just the first year. Find out how - download this paper now!

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Running IT as a Business Part 2: Financial Management


Running IT as a Business looks at running IT from the perspective of the service provider; looking at ways to reduce costs through gaining operational efficiency, while focusing on customer satisfaction. 

This white paper, the second of a ten-part series, looks at managing finances from a service-oriented perspective, a critical step towards understanding service cost vs.value and enabling the business to make more effective financial decisions. Whitepaper-TP-0106-ITSM

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