Close, Consolidation, and Reporting Solutions

Reduce Risk, Improve Control & Deliver Faster

Today's finance departments and organizations are often held back by day-to-day tasks like oversight of financial transactions, management of enterprise performance, and attestation of financial reporting. With all of this, it can be difficult to achieve faster close and maintain governance and regulation requirements to reduce risk. It is possible to achieve these goals, while still managing recurring tasks, through a single, consolidated view of operational and financial positions. However, attaining this can be costly and time consuming without the right solutions and expertise.

Ease the Pressure with Linium's Close, Consolidation, and Reporting Solutions


With Linium's close, consolidation, and reporting solutions, it's possible to achieve better management of the entire 

close to report process with one consistent view of an enterprise's financial position, even across complex organizational boundaries. Not only does this facilitate faster, more accurate reporting to stakeholders, it also makes it easier to maintain a level of governance, visibility and transparency into the financial close and reporting cycle. With our close, consolidation and reporting solutions, you will realize benefits like:

  • A single source of financial data that is accurate and timely
  • An automated close and consolidation process
  • Enterprise-wide visibility
  • Rapid return on investment with faster close times
  • Reporting with confidence
  • Reduced compliance costs

Close, Consolidation, and Reporting Experts

Our experts come from functional Accounting & Finance backgrounds and have worked in a variety of industries; having the right mix of technical and functional skills to work efficiently with your teams. With over 1,500 successful client engagements, our expertise allows us to truly understand your day-to-day challenges and provide innovative solutions by leveraging the very best in people, process and technology.