Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Leverage the Advantages of the Cloud to Improve Your Business

As businesses try to adapt and compete in the rapidly changing global economy, their IT organizations must strive to keep up with and leverage technology innovation to support the business' overall goals. After all, IT is in the process of growing beyond simply keeping the lights on to add true value to businesses as a whole; why not give it the best possible chance to do so? While there are arguably a number of ways to do this, many agree embracing the advantages of the cloud is the best way to do so.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

platformPlatform as a Service (PaaS), a component of cloud computing, will enable your enterprise to leverage a mature technology environment to develop applications that support your business objectives. Not only does cloud computing lend a high degree of flexibility and capability to your company while lowering costs; it can help to fundamentally transform business strategies related to IT as well as how services are planned, built, staffed, and delivered. You can quickly develop and deploy custom applications using the provider's hardware infrastructure, extending traditional IT Service Management to all areas of the business.

Just like our on-premise offerings, our cloud solutions focus on the entire enterprise, aligning IT assets, process, people and your goals to provide the best possible customer experience to our customers. However, we can get you up and running more quickly thanks to our proven delivery methodologies combined with the flexibility of the cloud. In short, we'll save you time, money and resources.

The Linium Approach to the Cloud

Whether on premise, or in the cloud, we aim to extend traditional IT Service Management and other solutions to the entire enterprise. To do so, we leverage core platform technologies to build custom applications and extend services to all areas of the business. Our ability to take an entire ecosystem of business needs into account is our greatest strength, allowing us to extend services that support ongoing operations.