IT Asset Management

Achieve Complete Visibility & Gain Confidence

It’s easy to fall into the mindset that IT doesn’t have much to offer beyond keeping the lights on, but don’t fall into this trap. For growth-focused companies especially, IT can add real strategic value, but only if it’s treated accordingly. Get started on the right path by gaining a better understanding of your assets through IT Asset Management (ITAM).

Understand the Assets You Have

Manage_AssetsMinimize waste, spend and risk while gaining greater insight into where your assets are, who uses them, how they are used and configured, what they cost, and the value they deliver. All of this is possible with a sound ITAM strategy. At Linium, we understand the value of traceable, transparent IT investments. We also know that achieving this is no small task. That’s why we work together with our customers to help them achieve:

  • Inventory Control: Track your IT hardware & software in a single repository
  • Risk Avoidance: Reduce liability risk for license non-compliance when faced with a software audit
  • Cost Savings: Understand your total cost of ownership & avoid overspending

Our ITAM consulting services include strategic roadmap development, process standardization, software implementation, systems integration, asset discovery as well as training & awareness.

ITAM Experts

Whether you’re looking to optimize your existing platform, upgrade, or are in need of a new solution, we can guide you through the entire process, supported by industry best practices and real-world experience. Our ITAM team is made up of certified industry leaders with an average of 12 years of experience. Our experts can guide you through every stage of the ITAM process—from crafting a strategic roadmap to implementation assistance and post implementation support.