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A Proven State and Local Technology + Solution Consulting Provider

State and local governments need a new way of doing business. Whether at the state, county, city or agency level, Linium understands the public sector with experience that has produced results and can help achieve a better government operating model for the future. 

Our strategies are developed with an intimate knowledge of frontline implementation details that draw from time-tested approaches developed on similar initiatives. Service and operational improvements can result in new levels of efficiency that eliminate unnecessary costs and improve processes, service delivery and satisfaction. Linium can help government clients show measurable value for IT dollars invested.

Our public sector engagements include:

  • Public Health
  • Education
  • Business
  • Family Services
  • Law and Order
  • Environmental
  • Housing
  • Transportation

Real Enterprise Performance Results

Prevent Critical Incident Backlog and Its Associated Unproductive Time and Effort with effective change management processes. 

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Enterprise Performance Solution Eliminates Multiple Excel Budget Templates and Macros that fueled cumbersome and inefficient budgeting processes. 

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