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Problem Management: Ask the Right Questions to Transform Your Organization

When a major problem arises, management is always asking to understand the root cause.  This makes sense, because after all if you don’t know what is broken, how can you fix it?  Many organizations spend a lot of time and money trying to figure out the root cause of a problem, but the methods used are not very effective.  This presentation will teach viewers how to ask the right kind of questions and how to focus efforts on bringing about the kind of changes that can truly address the underlying conditions that lead to a problem.

View this presentation to challenge your views on what constitutes root cause, how to identify situations that should be studied in more detail, and how to structure your problem investigation.  By asking the right questions in the right manner, you can reduce wasted time and resources and eliminate a culture of blame.  Take these industry-proven methods back to your organization and transform your problem management capabilities.

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