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If you're like most of our clients, you've begun realizing the benefits of server virtualization - increased agility from provisioning servers and/or moving applications in minutes and cost savings through reduced operating expenses by using less hardware.

Perhaps you're already planning to standardize on a private cloud to go 100% virtual or to create a dynamic data center.

Robust management tools are needed for service level agreement (SLA) management, but managing in a virtualized environment presents some unique challenges including: Visibility and Control, Scalability - "VM Sprawl", shortage of the "right" skills. Managing when virtualized and physical environment coexist and/or multiple virtual machine vendors adds even more complexity.

"Virtualization will continue as the highest-impact issue challenging infrastructure and operations through 2015, changing how you manage, how and what you buy, how you deploy, how you plan and how you charge," said Philip Dawson, research vice president at Gartner.

We are Ready to Show You How:

  • We can help you understand where you are today in terms of Virtualization maturity and how to accelerate your journey towards becoming a truly virtual data center  
  • We can recommend, source, install and support the right tools for managing virtualization
  • We can improve your processes to make your Virtualization more efficient (virtual automation including chargebacks, user self service )
  • We can bring specialty skills (tools experts, operations process experts, automation experts) to accelerate your success when you can't find a particular skill, when you have a short-term need, when it's a non core function you'd rather outsource.
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