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Taking it to the Cloud...

As businesses try to adapt and compete in the rapidly changing global economy, their IT organizations must strive to keep up with and leverage technology innovation to support business goals.

Cloud computing can help IT organizations more seamlessly deal with these changes in a manner that is easy to consume. With the ability to address some of the top issues they confront, cloud computing has the potential to fundamentally transform business strategy related to IT, the role of an IT organization and how IT services are planned, built and delivered.

Delivered by the expert staff of SHI Strategic Consulting, the Cloud Migration Workshop can give your organization the foundation to get you on the road to cloud readiness, planning and migration. The workshop can also be fortified with extended consulting engagements for a comprehensive cloud migration program that brings greater value and further increases your enterprise’s competitive advantage. 

Have You Ever Asked Yourself....

  • What is cloud computing and how is it relevant to my enterprise?
  • What can I do with cloud computing to help business with a faster time-to-market?
  • How does cloud computing impact the role of my IT organization?
  • How do I identify an appropriate cloud model and services to meet my enterprise’s business goals?
  • How do I select the right vendor(s) and service(s) for my requirements?
  • How can I quantify potential savings and make a business case?
  • What is the (TCO)/return on investment (ROI) analysis of cloud service offerings?
  • What are security issues related to cloud computing for your IT environment?
  • How can I identify cloud service providers, their services (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), architectures and service level agreements for cloud computing?
  • How do I migrate my current environment and applications to the cloud?
  • How do I evaluate and enforce complex SLA models?
  • How do I manage business risk, security and regulatory compliance with a cloud?
  • How does the cloud impact my existing technology lifecycles, methodologies and best practices? 

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When planning a new cloud initiative, there are several readiness issues that need to be addressed. An essential knowledge set and specialized proficiencies must be demonstrated as your organization sorts through the confusing terminology and marketing “fluff” surrounding cloud computing.

The SHI Cloud Power Start ensures that you have the comprehensive framework and proficiency needed to start a cloud initiative.


SHI has developed a comprehensive methodology for cloud migration planning that avoids some common pitfalls experienced by organizations both new to the cloud and those more cloud-experienced. Under this engagement, we build a complete cloud computing migration roadmap that is specific to your needs and business goals.

Cloud Migration

SHI can assist with the migration of your current IT environment to one that exists in the cloud. We will build a detailed and phased migration plan, assemble a qualified migration team, migrate your workloads to the cloud and establish best cloud computing practices. Backed by extensive experience in cloud migration, our Professional Services Organization (PSO) can efficiently accomplish your migration while avoiding any pitfalls and missteps common with introducing new technologies.