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Transform Inaccurate Reporting Riddled with Multiple Disparate Versions in Excel Spreadsheets and the Timely Process of Entering and Updating Daily Revenue Reports


Worldwide Financial Services firm looks to Linium for solutions to transform inaccruate reporting riddled with multiple disparate versions in Excel spreadsheets and the timely process of entering and updating daily revenue reports. 

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Solve Inaccurate and Non-Existent Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Technology Across Numerous Sites


Linium performs assessment for a large aerospace and defense organization to solve inaccurate and non-existent enterprise planning and budgeting (EP&B) technology across numerous sites.

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Streamline Cumbersome and Unreliable Financial Reporting Process Through an Incorporated Oracle G/L


Linium helps a Large Aerospace and Defense Organization to move from Oracle Financial Analyzer and Enterprise Budgeting and Planning to Hyperion Financial Manager to streamline their cumbersome and sometimes unreliable financial reporting process through an incorporated Oracle G/L.  

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Address Acquisitions and Changes in Underlying ERP Systems that Necessitated Immediate Updates to the Planning Systems Framework


Medical college looks to Linium to alleviate an inefficient budget process that relied on disparate spreadsheets and to reduce budgeting times in the second year and dramatically improve their reporting from a “guestimation” to an accurate, up-to-date reporting system of record. 

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Bring Order to Systems Plagued by Disparate Application Design, Lack of Infrastructure and Support With Proven Planning Solution


A large aerospace and defense organization needed to standardize its Oracle Hyperion Planning application across the EI&S Operating Group to maximize common application designs, infrastructure and support, to achieve operational savings and implementing best practices.

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Streamline Budget and Financial Management Process with Tools That Save Valuable Productive Time


Linium transformed a retailer's resource and time intensive planning and budgeting process to a consistent and streamlined budget and financial management process with tools that allowed the retailer to save valuable productive time. 

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Complete an Initial Budget While Also Standardizing Processes, Accounting Policies, and Financial Modeling Calculations With a Comprehensive Budgeting and Reporting Solution


A newly formed biotech spin-off company looks to Linium for a comprehensive budgeting and reporting solution to complete an initial budget while also standardizing processes, accounting policies, and financial modeling calculations. 

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