Aerospace & Defense

Out of all the industries we work with, the Aerospace and Defense industry may have the most demanding requirements. With pressure mounting on multiple fronts, from national security issues to new types of global contracts, the need for more rigorous accountability is more crucial than ever. Fortunately, it's possible to achieve the level of accountability needed, while reducing time to value and transforming the entire enterprise for greater efficiency.  All that's needed is the right solutions and expertise.

Solutions for Today's Aerospace & Defense Organizations

We work with the nation's largest Aerospace & Defense organizations to reduce and manage the cost of compliance while providing the basis for improving the alignment of the entire organization, from IT to Finance to Operations and beyond. The bottom line: we give you the expertise you need to deliver your services better, faster and more cost-effective. You'll realize the following benefits when you partner with Linium:

  • Time-to-value: Our solutions help you realize tangible benefits in a short span of time.
  • Enterprise-spanning solutions: We don't limit our solutions to any one department; we believe in aligning the best in people, process and technology across the entire enterprise for optimal results.
  • Transformation: We work with you to determine where you want to go in the areas of process, organization and technology. This allows us to develop the ultimate strategic plan for achieving your goals. With enterprise-wide transformation, you can deliver the services you need to be successful internally and externally.

We Understand Your Challenges

Our experts understand what it takes to deliver results. Whether you’re looking to optimize your existing Enterprise Service Management or Enterprise Performance Management solutions, upgrade, or are in need of a new solution, we can guide you through the entire process. Supported by industry-specific best practices and real-world experience, we'll help you increase efficiency and effectiveness enterprise-wide.

Aerospace & Defense Case Study

A multi-billion dollar Aerospace and Defense organization combined six business areas into two – all with their own separate financial planning and reporting tools. Find out how they overcame this challenge by implementing a leading Enterprise Performance Management solution.

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